First Couple Trip: The Only Survival Guide You Will Ever Need

Your first couple trip can be a bit daunting, and there are numerous things that can be discovered about this new person that you may not have expected to find.


When you make the choice to go on a holiday together, you have the potential to create special memories that truly deepen your bond. You can easily become closer with your special person and see a new side of them when you travel together as a couple.

On the other hand, the first couple trip can go horribly wrong and result in a breakup. We’ve all heard the horror stories. For many couples, traveling together has a “make it” or “break it” factor.


This is why we’ve put together 9 tips to help you survive your first ever trip as a couple.

Surviving Your First Trip as a Couple

1. Communicate During Planning

When you travel together on your first trip as a couple, now isn’t the time to pretend that you really like snowboarding when you can’t stand the cold.


You both need to be part of the planning process so that everyone is on the same page and no one ends up miserable. Be open and honest. If the proposed travel idea isn’t your cup of tea, it’s much better to hash it out beforehand.

First Couple Trip: The Only Survival Guide You Will Ever Need
A couple planning their trip

2. Choose a Destination That Excites You Both

Set yourselves up for success. Choose a destination that piques your curiosity and has you both excited to travel together. You can both make a list of your top 3 destination choices for your first trip as a couple, and hopefully, you’ll have a match.

If not, maybe those places have a common theme that will open up a conversation to reach a compromise. In the end, it’s no fun if one person is making all of the choices. Choose a destination that excites you both and you’ll be off to a great start.

3. Go With The Flow

Things will happen. Don’t stress. Try to roll with the punches. Travel smart and be prepared, but please pack your patience. Delays happen, luggage gets lost, and things may not turn out as you’d hoped. I promise you’ll get through it much easier if you can laugh it off.

4. Laugh Off Embarrassing Moments

Don’t take yourself too seriously on your first trip as a couple. Awkward moments will definitely happen when you’re out of your element.

Instead of being mad or frustrated after an embarrassing moment, get a good laugh out of it, and be a good sport.

5. Create a Joint Bucket List

Men and women can sometimes have very different ideas as to what sounds like fun for your first trip as a couple. A great idea is to research fun things to do, and at the end, combine your lists to make the “Master List” as a guide.

It’s fun to see the different perspectives and combine top choices. After you both cover your Must-Visit list, use Google maps to see if there is anything else on the list nearby in the same neighborhood. Add a few more items along the way, and everyone is happy.

First Couple Trip: The Only Survival Guide You Will Ever Need
Couple biking during sunset
Photo from AWOL

6. Leave Room For Compromise

If your man really wants to go fishing in the Lofoten Islands or do something that you’re not really into, then go ahead and give it a shot. You may end up having a good time when you least expect it! Plus, he’ll be more open to your bucket list dream of riding horses into the ocean afterward.

When you travel together, you have to make sure both people are getting the most out of the experience. Keep an open mind and support each other.

7. Extend Your Budget

Traveling together as a couple can get pretty expensive if you’re staying at a hotel and dining out for every meal.

You can save a bit of money by getting accommodation through Airbnb. This way you’ll likely have a kitchen to prepare small meals in for cheaper prices.

You can take your time waking up and even enjoy breakfast in bed together. Pack some fruit for daytime snacks so you can splurge on fancy dinners later without the guilt.

8. Be Overprepared

Have a busy day planned? Be prepared for that, especially if one of you has a tendency to get angry when they are hungry. Don’t let being “hangry” ruin your first trip as a couple. Pack plenty of snacks and a bottle of water for long haul trips to make sure that you don’t get irritable.

Always make sure the camera (or your mobile phone) is fully charged and ready to go. Pack a portable phone charger as well.

Always pack your swimsuit, too, just in case. You never know when you’ll stumble upon some gorgeous beach or refreshing pool that you need to take advantage of.

9. Disconnect

In a world of social media, disconnecting is tough. When you travel together for the first time, it can be fun to disconnect from the world and connect with your partner. Your first trip as a couple can be an opportunity to escape and truly get to know someone, so take advantage of it!

The world can wait to see your beautiful photos. Be present and stay in the moment. Being away together allows you to connect on a much deeper level than you would at home.

First Couple Trip: The Only Survival Guide You Will Ever Need
Couple enjoying the view
Photo from Far and Away Places

So have fun, make memories, and have an awesome trip.

What tips would you add? Be sure to let us know!