Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs

With the current technology the world has today, traveling has never been made easier and less complicated. There are a lot of innovative gadgets that can make traveling as much fun as the destination. 


Travelers who frequently go on trips are not new to unfortunate situations such as drained batteries, scarcity of potable water, chaotic airports, lack of internet connection, scorching heat, and much more! Fortunately, there are gadgets made for the convenience of the frequent traveler who braves all seasons to get to their destination. 

Here are some of the ten essential gadgets every traveler must-have. Check them out and see which ones you would need! 

Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs
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All-In-One Universal Plug Adapter

Every traveler who’s gone worldwide knows how hard it is to fish through bags filled with all sorts of adapters. It can be a hassle to keep all three types of adapters. 

Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs
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In the U.K., one would need a plug that looks like a square, while in Europe, a round plug would be needed. In America, Australia, and New Zealand, the flat plug with a hole in it is the type needed. 


Thanks to technology, travelers will only need to bring one adapter that has all three types combined. One has to remember, however, that power adapters are different from power transformers. Make sure you carefully read the voltage and power your device needs before plugging them into a wall!

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Nothing saves the day like a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. This sweet gadget provides you peace of mind and allows you to relax even when you are in a place filled with crying kids, noisy vehicles, or a rowdy environment. 

Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs
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Noise-canceling headphones will allow you to sleep in the middle of a horrendous airplane ride with crying infants or tantrum-throwing kids. This incredible technology blocks all external sound and creates a sound similar to a vacuum when placed on your ears. 

However, be sure to use these headphones responsibly and appropriately. Because they drown the noise, you will not be able to hear emergency sounds or signals that alert you when danger is near. 

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Flash Drive

While bringing a USB flash drive might seem too old-fashioned, it can be a smart thing to bring, especially when you are staying in places where there is no internet. If you need to transfer large files but don’t have access to the cloud or online storage platform, the USB flash drive will do the job for you. 

Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs
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Carrying a flash drive around is also better than carrying a portable hard drive (if you don’t need much space). Nowadays, flash drives can store up to one terabyte (TB) of data, so if you need a physical backup for your files, a flash drive will be enough. 

Remember to protect your flash drive with a password to avoid data theft. Be cautious of where you plug your flash drives into – computer viruses can easily wipe all of your data and damage your device! Also, be sure to know where you keep your flash drive; it can be pretty easy to misplace such a tiny device!  

Power Bank

Nothing bums travelers out more than having to travel with a smartphone, tablet, or any other gadget that’s left useless because the battery has run out.

Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs
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And while you can always plug them in at airports, you can never leave them unattended and should always have your eyes glued to your gadgets to make sure that it’s not stolen or lost. Plus, with too many people crammed into an airport, it might be hard to find an available charging spot for your device. 

There’s a different kind of annoyance that people feel when using gadgets that are on the brink of shutting down. Every traveler knows that smartphones are an essential part of traveling, so a power bank should be on your must-have list. 

Weatherproof Phone Case

If your phone isn’t one of those fancy waterproof and dustproof phones, it is highly recommended for you to protect your device with a weatherproof phone case. Some phone cases can even be worn around the neck, so you won’t have to worry about the phone slipping from your pockets. 

Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs
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It is essential to secure your phones while traveling. Although some dislike the idea of having to travel with such a bulky phone case, you are assured that your phone won’t break when exposed to the elements. It’s better than having to store your phone in a Ziploc bag! 

You can also explore shockproof cases to ensure that your phone won’t break and crack, especially if you are frequently traveling and your phone is more prone to damage. 

Solar Chargers

For those who are on the road much more often, solar chargers are excellent sources of power because all you need is to literally put them in the sun. No need for a recharge at the nearest gas station or convenience store because Mother Nature will recharge all your things!

Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs
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Not only that, solar chargers can store massive amounts of power, which can last for days, depending on the number of Watts it has. These chargers can charge not just your phones and tablets but can also power lights, flashlights, radios, fans, and much more! 

Although bulkier and larger, solar chargers are great companions on any road trip. Plus, they won’t be taking up much space in your car! 

Mobile Hotspot

Mobile hotspots are great to have because they pick up internet signals much better than regular smartphones. Moreover, they also tend to last longer and can even last up to an entire day because of their efficiency. 

Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs
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Because it is designed to only do one thing: to provide your devices with an internet connection, the mobile hotspots can last long hours, even with a battery as small as 800 mAh. 

Be sure to pick up a mobile hotspot that is not locked to any service provider or carrier, though, or else you’ll be carrying around some dead weight in your bag! To be sure, check that your mobile hotspot device is an open line device and that it can work with any sim card. 

Car Charger

A car charger is another convenient device that lets you charge your gadgets by plugging in your gadgets on your car’s battery. If you’ve run out of juice from your power bank and your solar charger is of no use, use your car charger instead. 

Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs
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However, please do not do this often, as it will really cause your battery to disintegrate faster. Only use a car charger when you really need to charge your phone. 

Be sure to buy a car charger that has a compatible socket for your devices (whether it’s an iPhone or Android needing a micro USB or Type C connection). 

Portable Water Purifier

A portable water purification device is probably one of the most important gadgets every traveler should have. Bottled water may not be available all the time, and even when it is, consuming it can be a big punch in the gut of Mother Nature as plastic isn’t good for the environment. 

Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs
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Moreover, buying bottled water can be expensive, too – so what can you do to ensure that you have clean, potable, safe drinking water? Get a water purification device! Nowadays, you can get a water purification system that runs on batteries and uses UV technology to kill organisms in your water. 

This is handy when you’re camping out in the woods or just dining out and want to make sure that you won’t be spending a night in the toilet or hospital due to unsafe water. It’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Handheld Personal Fan

Handheld personal fans that can be plugged into your phones are another lifesaver, especially when you are traveling to tropical countries! 

Essential Travel Gadgets Every Frequent Traveler Needs
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But wherever you may be, chances are you’ll be most likely crammed into tight spaces during commuting or walking under the scorching heat of the sun. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re cooling off under the shade and feeling the breeze on your face. 

Beat the heat with a handheld personal fan which you can easily turn on and charge with the use of your phone. 


Packing for travels and trips is not an easy process. It can really be hard to choose which one is essential over the other, especially when the space is limited. However, some gadgets need to be part of your trip to make your experience more convenient and comfortable

These are just some of the essential gadgets every frequent traveler needs to save you some trouble and ensure that you get the best experience out of your trip. Check out which gadgets are most essential for you!