Learn How You Should Disinfect Your Airplane Seat

Have you ever noticed how you board a plane in good health only to emerge several hours later carrying all sorts of influenza, cold, and other ailments? This is likely because of a germy airplane seat you’ve come into contact with.


Whether you are traveling for work or fun, the worst you can do is to allow yourself to get sick. Ensuring you stay hygienic is the first step in defending your health.

So, here you are, ready to board that plane. Your hazmat suit is not able to fit in your carry on, so how do you disinfect your seat? Read on to find out the best way.

Make sure to disinfect your airplane seat.

Carry Wipes for Your Airplane Seat

Disinfectant wipes are a must-carry item on every trip. They’re perfect for wiping off your airplane seat. While it is okay to buy in bulk, we recommend you buy smaller ones that will not fill out your bag and take up too much space.

Also, alcohol-free wipes will lower down attention drawn to you from fellow travelers. I bet no one (not even you) would want to be trapped in a room smelling of lavender chemicals.


Don’t Pay Attention to Stares from Fellow Travelers

We are not going to lie to you that removing that whole pack of wipes to clean your seat will not attract unwanted attention. Yes, it will. But ignore them. Moreover, anyone who stares at you has a high chance of getting that cold and instead of you. So, the joke is really on them.

Wipe All Surfaces That Could Have Germs

The point here is to clean every area that you feel might have germs. Studies have found that airplane trays carry more germs than toilets. Wipe down any hard surfaces, including control panels, tray tables, your seat (if it is made of leather), and the armrests.

If you are seated by the aisle, wipe the headrest, as most times passengers grab onto them for stability as they walk past. Ensure you do not sit on a wet surface, Check the pack of your wipes for instructions on how long it takes them to dry.

Be Open-Minded

Shocking and unthinkable things might happen! Do not get caught off-guard. First, do not try cleaning your fabric chair with wipes; this will instead make it worse. But, not to worry, there is a solution to this.

Bring an airplane seat cover, either reusable or disposable; any type can do. On the positive side, these wipes will still wipe clean the tray tables and armrests. Covering your seat with a light fabric such as a sarong can be your invention of a seat cover. Be creative!

Think About the Seat Pocket

Some people usually refer to this as a dumping ground of sorts. If hygiene is your number one priority, we recommend not even thinking about the seat pocket. Alternatively, if you must use it, remember to carry a cushion cover to work as a liner.

Place it out on the seat pocket and on arrival, remember to flip it over so that you do not rub your body with germs.


The last thing you want is to get flu or diarrhea on your vacation, and yet, it could have been avoided. Take note of places with germs and ensure you always disinfect before and after touching them.