Discover These Ways to Keep Fit During the Workday

A lot of people find it hard to squeeze exercise and workouts in between workdays. It’s normal because we’re all busy trying to complete work, and by the time that everything’s done, you only want to lie in bed and relax. 


Make the most out of your free time in the morning and afternoon, so you can achieve things, be productive, and maintain your health. 

Check out these tips to sneak in workouts during the workday. The key is being consistent and staying committed, so you can enhance your work-at-home lifestyle. Read on to find out more information. 

Discover These Ways to Keep Fit During the Workday

How Much Exercise Do You Need?

In general, moderate physical activity up to 30 minutes is recommended to stay fit and healthy. However, this is only for those who don’t consume more calories a day. If you want to meet specific fitness goals, you’ll be needing more than 30 minutes of workout and exercise. 

Aside from cardio, muscle-specific workouts help to strengthen the body parts and shape the muscles. If you find it hard to squeeze in more than one hour of workout daily, that’s okay, as long as you move around the day and commit to a healthy and hearty diet. 


Ways to Squeeze in Workouts During Workdays

This doesn’t need to be intense workout during lunch break, pre and post work. There are simple ways to move around and keep your muscles engaged. Take a look at this list of subtle exercises to sweat and move. 

Walk Around

A simple activity of walking and moving around promote blood circulation. Before you start your work, engage in a 30-minute walk outside. Doing this not only allows you to strengthen your bones, reduce body fat, but also to improve brain’s memory function. 

By walking, you also preserve bone strength and slow down age-related decline to the bone density. To put it simply, moving can make the body stronger each day, compared to sitting up and doing nothing. 

Use the Stairs

Not a lot of people know this but by using the stairs instead of elevator help to squeeze in workout in a workday. Doing this regularly provides significant benefits to the bones, lungs, and heart, as you engage in a vigorous-intense physical activity. 

So, if you don’t have much time for a workout, consider using the stairs to get to your office floor. You burn calories even if you go down the stairs, which is not difficult at all. 

Jump Rope

This is a more intense physical activity, but you can do this anywhere, as long as you have space. Just a few minutes on the rope and you can burn more calories than walking. Make sure that you are jumping continuously to receive health benefits. 

Snack with Fruits

Instead of chips and oily finger foods, why not snack on fruits to get minerals and vitamins. It lowers the risk of heart diseases, cancer, and regulates high blood pressure. The best time to eat fruits is right after a glass of warm water in the morning. 

Take a Break

Discover These Ways to Keep Fit During the Workday

Increase productivity, focus, and enhance mental well-being by taking a few minutes break. This is essential to de-stress and to reduce the need for a long recovery at the end of the day. During breaks, you can stretch your muscles or meditate, and close your eyes to ease soreness. 


Prioritizing health is always a good idea as you can perform better when you’re fit and healthy. Squeeze in a few minutes of exercise, stretching, and break to enhance your performance and keep the body strong.