6 Essential Blogging Tools for Creative Travellers

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If you’re an avid traveller (or even just take the occasional holiday), a few things are always true.


First, it’s essential that you stay organised. Between booking reservations with airlines and hotels and arranging for transit from location to location, you need to have a plan.

Second, it’s important to keep track of all the wonderful experiences you have along the way. But doing both of those things can be difficult without a little assistance.


These 6 blogging tools will help you have a fun, creative and organised trip!

1. Day One

Day One App | 6 Essential Blogging Tools For Travellers


Day One is an app for your iPhone that helps you keep a travel journal. The interface is easy to use and you can categorise your journals either by day, activity, or event. All of your content is backed up in the cloud.

2. Trevi

Trevi App | 6 Essential Blogging Tools For Travellers

Trevi is an app that helps you organise your photos. The iOS app adds a geotag to each photo and then arranges the photos on a map. It also calculates how many miles you have travelled. If you find yourself taking loads of pictures and then forgetting where they were taken, you’ll love this app.

3. Ninja Essays

Ninja Essays is a custom writing service that can take all of your journal entries and clean them up to make one cohesive piece. This is a great option if you’re a frequent traveller who likes to keep a running tab of all the places you’ve been, or if you want to collect all of your journals in once place for future reference.

4. Trip Mayor

Trip Mayor | 6 Essential Blogging Tools For Travellers

If you’re a fan of Instagram, you’ll love Trip Mayor, which is essentially an Instagram for travellers. But in addition to the photos, you’ll also be able to chat with locals and find new places not featured in your guidebook. Essentially, you’ll be able to have a much more “local” experience, as you’ll be able to avoid tourist traps and find the places beloved by people who know the lay of the land.

5. Travel Pod

Travel Pod | 6 Essential Blogging Tools For Travellers

Travel Pod is the app that was built for travel bloggers! If you fit into this category, you’ll love the convenience of using Travel Pod. You can access the app both on and offline, so as long as you have your phone, you can easily write blogs about your experiences. Then, you can upload them as soon as you have an Internet connection. You can also easily switch from using your computer in the hotel to your phone on a metro. Travel Pod will sync your entries.

6. Trip Journal

Travel Pod | 6 Essential Blogging Tools For Travellers

Trip Journal lets you record everything about your trip, from your destinations to your transportation, photos, notes, and dates at each location. If you’re a travel blogger, you will certainly love the convenience of keeping track of everything. You can also add geotags to your photos. The app integrates with Google Earth, so your readers can track your progress on each journey.

If you love to travel and you want to keep track of your experiences, these travel blogging tools will make the process a lot easier.

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Which blogging tools do you love to use when travelling? Share them in the comments!

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If you're about to set off on a trip overseas or even within your own country, a couple of ways you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience is by staying organised and keeping track of everything along the way. To help you to achieve this, here are 6 essential blogging tools for creative travellers...

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