20 Things Only Women Who Have Been On A Road Trip Will Understand

If you’ve been on a bit of a wild adventure lately, sit back and enjoy reliving your past antics with this list of 20 things only women who have been on a road trip will understand. Chances are, you’ll relate to some, if not all of these! 


1. You carry wet wipes and paper towel with you everywhere. After not showering for two days you’ve realised that these things are a lot more useful than you originally thought.

2. You take advantage of the shower facilities at motorway services and camp sites every chance you can get.


3. You find yourself brushing your teeth, covering up any unsightly spots and fixing your frizzy, dreadlocked hair in the closest public toilet or open cafe.

4. You get super excited when you score a bed on Couchsurfing. Finally, a squishy bed and clean shower!


5. You have a solar camp shower bag for the most rural of moments. It’s not as luxury as you’d probably like but it’s hot water and that’s a luxury when you’re travelling on a road trip.

6. You’ve had to figure out how and where to pee in no toilet situations numerous times now. It’s sort of become normal to find the nearest bush.

7. You’ve worn the same outfit for the past 5 days because everything else is in the wash and you can’t be bothered finding and sitting in a laundromat for two hours. Outfit repeater!

8. You’re itching to cook up a storm! But with a two-burner gas stove it’s tuna and noodles again. But then again, you’re actually beginning to really like tuna and noodles…

9. If you see a cafe on the side of the road with WiFi, you’re onto it like a hawk. The ‘unlimited’ Lyca mobile data you bought when you arrived doesn’t seem to work outside a 1 mile radius of the city.

10. You’ve basically stopped caring about what you look like. Raging hippy is the latest look, right?

11. You’re almost always in bed by 9, sipping on a hot choccy and reminiscing on the days’ travels – while figuring out what to do about your no toilet situation.

12. All of your four beauty products have come to an end and you’re scraping the bottom just to get to that very last bit. Anyone got any they can spare?

13. You’ve become accustomed to sleeping in a car park, on the side of the road or in a random field. You can sleep through any noise and you wouldn’t dream of paying $30 a night for a camp site.

14. Your future travel plans go a little something like, “We have no idea…”

15. When asked, you have no idea what to put down as your address. Um, does ‘on the road’ fit the criteria?

16. Scoring those mini bottles of soap and shampoo from understanding people you meet along the way is like stumbling across gold. Almost.

17. You’ve learned to ditch the guides and follow the recommendations of fellow travellers you’ve met. You want to get off the beaten track and start exploring untouched lands. After all, you’re a woman living wild and free!

18. You’re inspired by every experience you have along your road-trip and vow that travelling could possibly be one of the most valuable things you do in life.

19. Your shopping spree now consists of Sunday car boot sale hopping and spending $20 on a whole new interior look for the van.

20. You laugh and shrug it off when others tell you that you’re completely nuts for living and sleeping in a van and you usually go by the saying, “You only have one life!”
My fellow female road trippers! I’d love to hear your thoughts while reading this! Do you feel you need to add something? Or do you have a road trip story to share? Tell all in the comments section below!

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At one point during our nomadic journey we spent 4 months living inside an unconverted Transit van (yes, it was uncomfortabe and challenging - but in a good way, I think?). Anyway, during this road trip I learned a lot... Like how to discreetly pee in a bush on the side of a main road. If you know what this is like all too well, here are 20 more things only women who have been on a road trip will understand!

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