10 Long Stay Costa Rica Villas For Digital Nomads And Slow Traveling Families

Planning to spend an extended vacation in the Caribbean with your family? Want to feel the essence of some place tropical? Dream of living the Pura Vida? If you answered yes to all of these, Costa Rica is the place for you.


This small country, located in Central America is now one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads and long term vacationers…

… Not only to travel but to also live and do business in Costa Rica due to the country’s friendly and easy policies for expats.


Whatever your plan is, we recommend staying in a Costa Rica rental to ensure relaxed and stress-free living for a lengthier period of time.

Vacation rentals are a really handy accommodation concept for digital nomads and slow travelers as you can settle in and have that little touch of home without spending a fortune like you would on hotels.


In this article we’ve carefully hand-picked 10 villas in Costa Rica which are suitable for digital nomads and slow travelers, particularly those of you traveling with family.

Important: It is worth noting that these villas are available for short term vacation rental on Hotels Combined, so I would book a few nights in one to test it out and if you like it and could see yourself staying for a while, work out a direct monthly deal with the owner (as it will be cheaper).

These Costa Rica Villas Are Perfect For Digital Nomads And Slow Traveling Families…

Interested in these Costa Rica Villas for your longer term stay? Save this image on Pinterest for quick reference >>

Planning to live & work from paradise for a while? Keen on Costa Rica? These long stay Costa Rica villas are some of your best accommodation options... (click through to read)

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