Traveling Teacher Careers for Every Travel Lover to Look Into

For some, there is no greater joy than traveling to new and exotic locations and discovering new cultures, gorgeous views, and interesting people. Traveling is often seen as something of a vacation activity or a business necessity. 


For many, seeing new sights, hearing new sounds, and experiencing new people is an idle daydream at best and an unattainable fantasy at worst. Luckily, some careers allow you to travel while still earning a decent living. 

For travel lovers who enjoy having the financial means to fund all of their endeavors, there could not be any better news. Keep reading to learn more about traveling teacher careers that might interest you. 

Traveling Teacher Careers for Every Travel Lover to Look Into

English Teacher

Teaching English may not seem like the most glorious of professions, but in countries where English is barely a third language, these teachers become especially valuable. 

For those who have a good grasp of the English language and some understanding of teaching fundamentals, this opens up the door to a world full of immense possibilities. 


You will need a bachelor’s degree in English and some teaching experience, but luckily, tutoring, working as an aide, or serving as a study leader all qualify as such. 

This means that, after your own studies are complete, you stand a good chance of earning a position overseas as an educator.

Au Pair

Similar to teaching English, being an au pair probably will not strike you as an exciting profession. However, also like teaching English, au pairing opens up the door to opportunity and possibility, and that is something that can be quite difficult to find in other lines of work.

To be an au pair, though, you will need to be incredibly good with children, as well as be able to complete household chores and tasks efficiently. Experience like that should not be too difficult to acquire, but it is still important to keep in mind before applying.

As an au pair, you will stay with a host family in a different country, and you will be paid well for your services in taking care of their children. 

If you are especially lucky, these families may even take you along on their own trips and holidays to ensure that their children will have an eye kept on them. Au pairing is something you should definitely look into if you have always been fond of traveling.

Tour Guide

As a tour guide, you will be able to share your passion for wanderlust and different locations with other like-minded individuals. You will mostly work with people on holiday or sight-seers, so you will need to have some skill at commanding and guiding large groups of people.

Additionally, you will also need to be well-versed in local history, or at least be both keen and willing to learn fast. 

Tour guides serve as buffers between strangers and the strange lands they travel to, meaning you will also need to be able to communicate your knowledge effectively and efficiently.

Most tour guides will work as freelancers, floating on the wind. However, there are also firms that may be willing to take you on provided you have the right skill set required for a job like this.


Last but not least, writing is also a surprisingly viable occupation for those with wanderlust in their hearts. Specifically, travel writers have the privilege of being paid to travel and document new hotspots, as well as cover off-the-beaten-path locales and communities.

Obviously, you will need to actively enjoy your time wherever you go. You will not always get to relax, and you will constantly need to think of the things you hope to include in the articles or blog posts you publish.

Depending on where you are from and who your target audience is, you will need to be fluent in your chosen language

Additionally, you will also need to have a certain level of mastery over it in order to convey the beauty and wonder of the places you visit to those who have yet to see them with their own eyes.

Traveling Teacher Careers for Every Travel Lover to Look Into


Traveling and working can sometimes go hand-in-hand. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in a line of work that allows you to visit strange new places, we urge you to cherish this opportunity.