These Are the Best Rainforests to Visit in the World

Rainforests are regarded as nature’s true paradise on earth since we’ve turned everything else into cement. The tropical rainforests take up a total of 6% of the earth’s surface and hold a wealth of mysterious flora and fauna. 


The alluring landscapes, the constant drizzle on foliage and the dots of bright light peeking through canopies of trees create an everlasting impression. This beauty of rainforest exploration has created agencies dedicated to the experience. 

For those who are fascinated by the charm of these places, you’ll be happy to know that there are rainforests all over the earth. Up next we’re going to tell you about the some of the safest as well as human-friendly rainforests in the world.


These Are the Best Rainforests to Visit in the World

Dominica (Nature Isle of the Caribbean)

Located in the lesser Antilles, Dominican rainforests are an awe-inspiring beauty for eco-tourists. The picturesque Dominica island hosts a panorama of waterfalls, geothermal springs and traveller friendly resorts. 


The topography is amazingly crafted with canyons, cliffs, plunging sea wells and volcanic vents. Sea whales and spring turtles inside water accompanied by soft corals and reefs alongside sea are a treat for the viewers. 

Visitors have recommended 3 Rivers Eco-Lodge and Papillote Wilderness Retreat as great places to stay in Dominica.

Harapan Rainforest (The Forest of Hope)

Indonesian Harapan Rainforest gives shelter to nearly 305 bird species, 54 mammal species, 600 species of trees and the rest still remain uncounted. 

Many endangered species, vulnerable species and threatened species are the highlights of the rainforest. The Sumatran Tiger, Clouded Leopard and Malayan Sun Bear are a few names of animals found here.

The scenic beauty of the forest captivates the eyes of the people, making it a site to watch. A vacay mood for a tropical trip is best suited for those who are thrilled with adventure for wildlife, nature, and environmental beauty.

Andaman and Nicobar Rainforest Canopy

Andaman and Nicobar Island of India is home to a rich rainforest canopy and is a little slice of heaven on our planet. The glistening beaches, muddy shores, vivid corals and bewitching sunsets draw all the tourist attraction here. 

Nicobar pigeon, Andaman teal and hornbill are some of the delights for sightseers. The multicultural and mystical nature of the country’s tradition binds a bond of the traveller with the local natives. 

It is a perfect destination for a family vacation or the couples out for a honeymoon.

Monteverde (Cloud Forest)

The Monteverde Cloud Forest of Costa Rica is moisture-rich sites specifically located in Puntarenas and Alajuela provinces. It is famous for animals like quetzals, pumas, monkeys, jaguars.  

The stunning views of canopies and greenery can enchant the viewers giving it an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. The most visited site of Monteverde is Monteverde Butterfly Garden. 

The dazzling butterflies create an enrapturing image in tourist’s minds. 

The Amazon Rainforest

It is the largest rainforest on earth present mainly in eight countries-Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Suriname, French Guiana, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia. 

It has a diversified variety of animal, birds and insect species including endangered species like the Indian elephant and the purple-faced Langur. 

The temperatures vary from huge amounts of rainfall to high humidity and even some regions experience high temperatures. This Amazon is known as the “Lungs Of the Planet” as the forest produces 20% of the world’s oxygen itself. 

The visuals of the forest are magnificent, the wildlife is amusing with Red Deer and Capy Bear like animals. For nature lovers, it is an eye-pleasing visit to the forest.

Sinharaja Forest

The Srilankan Sinharaja Forests are blessed with high rainfalls and two monsoon seasons, that is May to July and November to January. 

Ceylon Grey Hornbill is the prominent bird found in this wonderful rainforest which the tourists aspire to see. 

A wide range of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds are found here. It is quite a peaceful and beautiful destination for tourists that can be explored quickly. 

Besides, it shares three water boundaries with different rivers that make it a coastal region. The Sinharaja Forest is a UNESCO heritage site.

These Are the Best Rainforests to Visit in the World

The Bottom Line

Travelling has become a form of therapy for people in today’s life. If you’ve ever felt disconnected from nature, a trip to a rainforest will open your eyes to the true beauty of this spinning globe you are living on.