Seniors: Try AARP Games to Sharpen Mind Skills

There’s a running joke that the seniors in the society need to be watched over as their brains aren’t as sharp as they were before. But with a number of advancements in research and technology, that can now be seen as a thing of the past. Senior’s brains can now be as sharp as ever.


With a number of games from AARP, senior citizens can revitalize their brain activity. Doing this will mean that you won’t forget everything and will be able to engage more with your family and friends.

So, where can you find these AARP games that will sharpen your brain as a senior citizen? You can read on to see where you can begin to sharpen your brain with AARP games. Give them a try and see how they work for you.


Why You Should Try Out It Out

First and foremost, before you try out anything, you need to find out why you’re actually doing it. With brain games, you can learn new things. Studies have shown that when your brain learns new skills, there are many benefits. Plus, it helps the brain have some activity outside your normal routine.

Benefits of AARP Games

There are a number of benefits that come with learning brain games with AARP. The first among them being that your brain gets healthier. New games can stimulate the brain and ensure that your brain stays healthy, rather than when being confined to the same routine. Not making efforts to engage your brain can be more or less like keeping your brain in a box and forgetting about it.


Another aspect that makes AARP games more enticing is the fact that you can view the games in a different light. They are not only fun but you also get a variety of chances to improve cognition.

The developers of the games at AARP first think about brain health and activity before anything else. These games also help you think of new ways to try out the lessons on a daily basis. You’ll have to engage the different learning mechanisms that you get from the games and keep your brain active.

Memory Games

One aspect that you have to love about being able to play AARP games is memory games. As a senior citizen, you’ll notice that you start losing part of your memory. For example, you may place your phone on the chair and spend hours looking for it in the bedroom.

These types of scenarios are what AARP memory games are trying to eliminate in your life. Your memory will be tested through a number of phrases, objects, and colors. You will have to recall them when you play the game. The whole process is done in a fun way so that you don’t feel like you’re overwhelmed by the memory game.

Get Started

To get started with AARP games, you need to visit the AARP website and either sign up to become a member or get into it as a non-member. If you’d like to be a member of AARP, there’s a $12 fee that you have to pay which is renewable annually. You can click on the get started menu at the top of the website to begin your registration.

With an AARP membership, you get a variety of benefits. Some of these benefits include the following.

  • Guides, videos, articles, and activities
  • Recipes
  • Stay sharp challenges
  • 25+ fun games
  • Stress reduction tools
  • Tools to help you improve your sleeping routine
  • Option to take a Brain Health Assessment which is free until the 17th of May 2020
  • Exclusive discounts


Getting your brain sharp again in your senior years has never been this easy thanks to AARP. The company offers a number of games that will ensure your brain is on point and that your memory remains as sharp as ever. The games that are provided by AARP don’t only help contribute to the health of your brain, they also provide you with a fun and exciting activity!