How to Manage Apple Subscriptions from a Mobile Device

Before everything went digital you had to manage everything you did manually. Today, however, there is no reason to have those struggles as you can easily manage everything from your mobile device. That being said, keeping up with subscriptions can still be complicated simply because there are so many out there that you may partake in.


You see, when you have active subscriptions, especially Apple subscriptions, you are charged either weekly or monthly. If you don’t keep track of your subscriptions well enough, you may even be charged when you no longer need the service anymore.

Before the increased use of technology, all you had to do was not go and pay for the service to cancel a subscription. However, today, it is all too easy to forget to stop the transaction from going through. If you want to learn how to manage your Apple subscriptions through your mobile device, you should read on. Information on how you can go about it can be found here.


Why Apple Subscriptions?

First of all, the reason you have so many Apple subscriptions is the fact that most of the apps you have on your phone are sold with subscriptions. For example, to access certain music platforms, you have to pay for subscription fees. The same goes for videos and other online content that you may like to enjoy.

See, these subscriptions are generally for the premium content that you access. With this, Apple itself offers a variety of services in the form of paid subscriptions.


The subscriptions are either charged on a monthly or on a yearly basis. Therefore, you have to find the right one that suits your way of life.

However, it is important to check now and then that you are still regularly using all of the services that you are subscribed to. You can even let your phone do the analysis for you to find out which subscription you use more.

Manage Subscriptions Through the App Store

The first place that you obviously should be looking at when it comes to managing your subscriptions through your device is the App Store on your iOS phone.

  • Click on the avatar, or you can click on the initial at the bottom of the sidebar after you have launched the app.
  • Now, you should see the list of the purchased apps – click on the view information there and find out more about the particular subscriptions.
  • At the bottom of the page, you are going to see your active subscriptions.
  • You now have to click manage if you want to cancel the subscription or edit it.

If you can’t see the information you need with this process, it is possible your subscriptions are registered with a different account.

Manage iCloud Subscriptions

If you use Apple products, you know that iCloud is where almost everything is stored. It functions, more or less, as a virtual server.

Here, too, you can have a number of subscriptions. To manage them you should read on.

If you heavily rely on iCloud, it means that you have paid for more than the standard 5GB you’re given for free. When you want to manage your iCloud subscriptions on your device you complete the following steps.

  • Go to settings and tap your name; it should be at the top of the screen.
  • Now, tap on iCloud to have access to the cloud and your subscriptions
  • You will then see how much space you are paying for.
  • You can then choose to upgrade or downgrade, depending on your preferences.


Managing your subscriptions is important to avoid getting charged for services that you are not using.

Many people easily forget out such payments and end up losing money, especially when it comes to Apple subscriptions. With this guide, however, you have the chance to save on the subscriptions you don’t need