5 Lifestyle Tips You Can Take From The Japanese

If you have traveled or lived in Japan for some time, you will agree with us that life there is quite different compared to other countries. Whereas the Japanese culture is a bit conservative, we believe there is a thing or two we can learn from them in order to better our lives.


Whether you are planning to travel to Japan or learn about this amazing culture, there are several lifestyle lessons we can emulate from the Japanese. From the way they embrace things to their respect for each other, this culture is unique.

Here are five lifestyle lessons you might want to learn from Japanese. Continue reading to learn more about this unique culture. You find yourself wanting to adopt some of these principles after reading this article.



Always Show Respect To Others

When it comes to Japanese culture, respect is a no-brainer. These people are very conservative, and it will be evident from the moment you meet one of them. From removing shoes before entering a house, temple, or occasional restaurant, to greeting others with a bow, the Japanese always show utmost respect to each other. This principle is passed on from a young age in life. They also refer to each other with titles such as Sama, Chan, Kun, and so on. These designations are used to honor the people they are speaking to.


Appreciate The Simple Things In Life

Japanese people are simple in whatever they do. Whether choosing décor, drinking tea, or even eating, they always keep things simple. You will rarely find Japanese eating while walking. For them, eating should be such a relaxing, calm, and leisurely experience. They are very intentional in their rituals. For instance, their love for greenery is something that you will always find in their interior design. They also love and look forward to their tea ceremonies.

Take Care Of Your Trash

If you were to walk through the streets of Japan, you will rarely find garbage bins. If you have any trash, you will be expected to move with it to your home or wherever you might find garbage bins. This has made the streets cleans and spotless and, of course, highly efficient.

Hygiene Is Everything

In Japan, cleanliness is next to godliness. You will always be given wet towels before meals. If you are in a bank, cash will always be placed on trays to avoid touching hands with each other. Japanese people generally observe cleanliness throughout their day to day lives. They also take baths, which is a familiar ritual related to Buddhist and Shinto backgrounds.

They Eat Well, Walk, And Meditate A Lot

The fascinating thing is that Japan is one country in which many people live past the age of 100. Statistics also show that Japanese women have the highest life expectancy in the whole world. So, the question is, what is the secret? Well, to begin with, healthy eating is part of their lives. They tend to eat low-calorie foods and also incorporate vegetables and fish in their menu.

School going children are always encouraged to walk to and from school to prevent obesity. Furthermore, meditation is a significant part of their lifestyle. In addition, you will always find them appreciating nature, which is a positive thing.


Bottom Line

Japanese culture is one that we can’t simply sweep under the floor, it will always stand out no matter what. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, or perhaps you want to emulate them, we have listed some of the great lifestyle lessons you can learn from the Japanese.