How to Host Guests Without Losing Your Cool

For some, hosting comes as a natural skill. There’s that friend who always has vases of fresh flowers in every room, a sparkling-clean home, and cookies somehow always emerging warm from the oven as your car pulls in.


And then there’s the rest of us, constantly asking questions like, “How is this house such a mess, still?” or “Why are they piling up dishes in the sink, attracting all the ants?” or “Are they ever going to leave?” This is exactly why we put together a quick guide on how to properly host weekend guests like a true pro.

Tips for Hosting Guests for the Weekend

Setting Parameters for the Visit

You, as the host, could say, “Oh my gosh, it’s so great you’re in town for a week! I could definitely open up my home on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and that’d be amazing. But unfortunately, the way this week is going, that’s all I can offer at the moment.”


If you are overwhelmed by the thought of guests overstaying their welcome, it’s best to be honest and give start and end dates, right off the bat. In this way, both the visitor and the host can plan their schedules accordingly.

How to Host Guests Without Losing Your Cool
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Acting Like a Host

Being the host of the house, you ultimately get the privilege to guide things. You can steer the flow of conversations and set rules in the home for guests, like what’s available in the fridge, so your guest doesn’t treat things like a free-for-all.


More than setting rules, remember to also be courteous enough to provide amenities they might need. This includes toiletries and a few towels, for example. For more guidance in this area, you can check online and do a quick search on what hostels or homestays typically provide.

How to Host Guests Without Losing Your Cool
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Being Respectful of Each Other

Whether it’s a long-time friend or a distant family member who’s coming to visit, respect goes both ways. Remember to treat your visitor just how you would like to be treated if you were their guest.

Specifically, visitors should be mindful of their presence and have the initiative to help around the house. Hosts, on the other hand, should also respect the guest and learn how to communicate at all times.

How to Host Guests Without Losing Your Cool
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Working with Deal-Breakers

In the event that things may get lost in translation, you, being the host of the home, should know how to voice out your concerns to your guest politely. Being assertive and polite is a great key to any communication.

For instance, if someone tries to smoke a cigarette, and you don’t allow that in your home, let them know that you’d appreciate it if they took it outside. It’s fair and simple, sans the fuss.

How to Host Guests Without Losing Your Cool
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Shutting Off the Host Button

You definitely don’t have to host 24/7. After all, you’re welcoming guests into your home free of charge, and they shouldn’t expect you to be their maid. You, as a host, should schedule some down time in between meeting your guests’ needs and interacting with them.

Just be sure to let your guests know that they are free to do whatever they want on your down time. Your guests may even appreciate this quick break from your hosting and indulge in the chance for some alone time.

How to Host Guests Without Losing Your Cool
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At the end of the day, hosting guests in your home really can be gratifying. Amidst the fun, though, it can be a bit taxing if you don’t set boundaries first. Always remember to keep your cool, communicate, and have fun bonding with your guests!

Think we missed out on some important notes? Be sure to let us know! Have a grand time hosting!