Paragliding: Essential Facts You Need to Know

Paragliding is the flying paragliders’ recreational and competitive adventure sport. Also, it is a lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft without a rigid primary structure. The pilot lies under a fabric wing in a brace. Before deciding to try out this extreme sport, there are some things every beginner needs to understand. 


This is a safe sport. The pilot is buckled loosely and securely into a harness that provides support in both standing and sitting positions. Some tackles have protectors underneath the seat and behind the back foam and airbag to reduce the impact on failed launches or landings.

If you decide to try out this sport, here some things you need to remember. Read on to learn more.

Paragliding gives you the chance to see nature from up above while having fun. Photo credits to:

Book a Tandem Paragliding Flight

If it’s your first time, we suggest booking a tandem paragliding flight. This will allow you to travel with a professional who will show you how it feels to fly a plane. Still, you’re not going to have the added stress of controlling the situation and the massive paraglider wing floating over your head.

Once you have decided to continue some more flying in the future, you can sign up for a paragliding class. Once you’ve tried the experience of this sport and decided that you really love it, you likely want to take it further. So, if you’ve always dreamed of becoming a pilot or you want to become an expert in the sport, you just need to sign up for a certified professional course.


Do Not Underestimate the Sport of Paragliding

It’s easier to become overconfident when you understand the basics. The anticipation and adrenaline can become very intense, so you’ll probably feel tempted to try some acrobatics or high wind launching.

Only professional and experienced paragliders are not excluded from such thought. Try to stay safe until you practice paragliding. Don’t unnecessarily endanger yourself, because that is not the right decision.

Get the Right Gear and Equipment

Do not overspend on your gear. Your paragliding equipment, apart from your skills, is essentially what keeps you alive. That’s why a lot of people tend to hurry into costly purchases, as they compare the highest quality of the most expensive gear.

That’s a mistake. Follow the paragliding tips of the experts; to avoid the risk of fraud, you also need to look for recommendations and contrast the equipment reviews.

Preparation Is the Key

You have to bear in mind that even experienced pilots make mistakes. However, with a constant feeling of susceptibility, you have to maintain respect for flying. In fact, before your paragliding ride, you should prepare yourself properly both mentally and physically, because it is essential.

This safety tip for paragliding also involves accurate weather predictions before your paragliding flight. You also need to keep in mind that you should test all paragliding equipment periodically and before that flight to make sure it meets the correct working standards.


One of the most common mistakes people make after they frequently begin to practice paragliding is to fall into a pattern of complacency. This sport is calming as well as electrifying. That unique combination is responsible for so much love of this game by so many people.


Paragliding helps you to focus on one thing – living in the moment. It helps you to forget all your problems and other obstacles in life while just feeling the elements around you. It also increases your concentration levels by helping you to concentrate on the present moment. For information on more extreme sports to try out, click here.