Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World

The thrill of being out in the ocean for days gives me a chill every time. Sailing is one of the things I find pleasure in because I like being surrounded by waters under millions of stars and with fresh air breezing.


I started taking sailing tours or vacations after I graduated from the university. So, I can say I have been to several sailing destinations around the world. Check some of the best sailing destinations in the world and what to expect and what to experience there.

Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World
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The Bahamas is known for having its azure waters ideal for sailing. The general condition of the place is fit for those who sail with their family and those with relatively less experience. This is why I spent two weekend nights on the sea during a family vacation.

Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World
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It is a dream destination as it has over 700 coral cays to enjoy and see while on the ship. We started our trip on Marsh Harbor along The Abacos. Since then, we spent hours exploring other islands like Treasure Cay, Hope Town on Elbow Cay, and Green Turtle Cay.

A weekend is not enough to navigate along the 120-mile chain of islands in the Bahamas. The country also offered us an experience to enjoy their delicious food and products by their warm locals.


Bay Of Islands

New Zealand boasts itself as a country with the most beautiful waters in the world. Of course, it is natural for an island country to have such luxury, but New Zealand focused on improving this industry by relying heavily on tourism. 

Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World
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One of the country’s premier tourist attractions is the Bay of Islands, an established sailing spot in New Zealand. Even though I have not been here, I have heard that thousands of people flock to the islands as it has cerulean water and a fantastic view.

During the sail, people can also enjoy kayaking as the waters are friendly for such water activity. Fishing is also a popular activity while onboard because of the rich marine biodiversity of the Bay of Islands. There are records of people regularly seeing dolphins, penguins, and whales.

The British Virgin Islands

It is no doubt that the Caribbean is a great place to sail, but my personal favorite place in the Caribbean would be the British Virgin Islands. This is my idea of paradise because of the warm weather, cool breeze, cerulean sea, clear water, and many other attractive characteristics.

Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World
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It may not take so much time to explore the entire island nation, but it is still worth the time to explore. I love the unique rock formations at The Baths, coral atoll, and several sunken shipwrecks that were are the inspiration of several movies. 

Sailing is a stable industry in the country as it knows that its strength lies in the amazing waters and rich marine wildlife. There are great spots for sheltered anchorages and snorkeling areas. It is a place that I do not want to leave because the British Virgin Islands screams paradise for me.


I always loved sailing on the Mediterranean Sea due to the many islands that I explore, like Croatia. It has become my go-to place because I can navigate over a thousand islands surrounding the country’s coastline here.

Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World
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Believe me when I say that Croatia has one of the best harbor scenery in the world. The afternoon is the best time to sail as the winds are friendly enough to explore the waters. Moreover, I have a nightlight view of the coastline of Croatia, and it is jaw-dropping. 

One of the must-see destinations in the country is the Kornati National Park, which is considered an unspoiled oasis. Even though people visit the islands, they maintain the beauty of Kornati National Park, especially at night. Therefore, Croatia will always have something to show to the tourists.  

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands is one of the most popular sailing destinations out there. I can say that it is a must to experience what the Galapagos Islands have to offer in terms of their serene beauty and abundant marine biodiversity. Many sailing tour companies have packages to enjoy the islands.

Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World
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Spending days and nights on the ship along the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is undoubtedly a memorable one because of the scenery and clear water. I got to enjoy diving and snorkeling while sailing, which gave me a chance to be close to sea lions, giant tortoises, blue-footed boobies, and aquatic iguanas. 

There are also other activities on the islands that keep me active during the vacation. The place is also known to have the best spots for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. I have been to the Galapagos Islands several times already, and the experience and thrill it gives are still the same.

Greek Isle

Sailing along the European coastlines would not be complete without going to the Greek Isle. It is full of exciting places to explore, as I did island hopping when I visited the islands. Make sure to have your cameras ready because every sight is picturesque.

Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World
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Imagine seeing the beauty of Santorini, Pasos, and Mykonos in just one sail on the sea. The ecstatic feeling of the breathtaking view is worth remembering. Aside from the view, Greeks have fantastic food to try, which I did when we harbored the port. 

The experience is completed by the warm welcome of the locals offering the food, products, and souvenirs. I also got to enjoy a bit of their culture with their nightlife. But, I would still suggest staying on board at night because of the clear view of the night sky full of stars that we often read about in stories.

Sicily City

I am in constant awe of the beauty of Europe since it is a mixture of the beauty of the place and rich history and culture. Of course, one of the best sailing destinations would be the famous coastline of Sicily City in Italy.

Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World
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My two day-stay on a ship was terrific as I got to see the Aeolian Islands up close with its rugged volcanoes arranged like a chain. It is exciting to be at places that I usually read about in books, like the historic Tropea on the mainland of Italy.

The sail was more like an educational field trip to me but having the first-hand experience of the bedazzling sea. Then, of course, there are the famous springs of Vulcano, the black sands of Stromboli, and many more places to explore. But, what I enjoyed the most is my interaction with the locals offering their dishes and products. 

South Georgia Island

For adventure seekers, a trip to the south should be on your list. Taking on the Southern Ocean for the first time was thrilling for me because it is known for having naturally turbulent waters. The trip to South Georgia Island may be a little scary, but it was all worth it.

Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World
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If you are looking for solitude and serenity, this is a great place to sail. South Georgia Island is far from the noise of the city and rare to see any other humans except for those on the sailboat. The island takes pride in its beauty and wildlife. 

It is normal to see thousands of penguins, elephants, and several rare sea birds. I can remember clearly the joy of seeing the elegant albatrosses found only in the region. There is nothing more attractive than the peaceful scenery and glittering waters of South Georgia Island.

Whitsunday Islands

One of the hidden gems in the land down under is the Whitsunday Islands. Of course, when I think of Australia, the things that come into mind are the Sydney Opera House and other inland attractions. But, Australia has many other must-see destinations in its waters. 

Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World
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Whitsunday Islands are found on the southern coast of Queensland and have a long chain of 74 islands. Sailing through these islands makes me want to stay there forever because three days and two nights are not enough to explore the Whitsunday Islands. The Great Barrier Reef is also near the island chain.

The snorkeling and diving experience on these islands are memorable due to incredible sceneries and marine biodiversity. The clean waters let me enjoy looking into the various species of fishes and corals. Sailing tours usually start at Airlie Beach.

Zanzibar Island

As someone looking for a holistic experience on my adventures, I constantly look for places where I can enjoy more than what the ocean offers during sailing. So when I went to Zanzibar Island in Tanzania, it gave me that sense of fulfillment.

Discover The Best Sailing Vacations Around The World
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The island offers water adventures during the sailing tour because there are many things to discover on Zanzibar Island during the stay on land. The culture of the people of the island is fascinating, and their food is excellent. The place holds so much history in terms of trade. 

Staying on the waters of Zanzibar Island is worth the time because of the serene cerulean ocean and the clear night sky. I enjoyed a week-long excursion along the island’s coasts, where I got to sight-see its beauty while enjoying typical water activities like snorkeling and diving. 


Sailing lets you enjoy the waters while having the experience of seeing picturesque sceneries. Spending a day or two sailing gives you the thrill of exploring different countries and their rich marine biodiversity.