[Travel Vlog] Cruising The Caribbean of Brazil!

To sum up the last leg of our journey through Rio de Janeiro in one word, I would have to say it was… invigorating.


After spending 5 amazing days in Búzios, we jumped on a bus and made our way to Cabo Frio, another coastal city located about 1 hour away.

Warning: If you plan to do something similar, be prepared for one crazy (and I mean crazy) bus ride.  Honestly, I felt like I was in that Harry Potter bus in the third movie. Everyone was stood up and packed in like sardines but the bus driver didn’t seem to notice because he took every corner like he was a pro formula one racer… except he wasn’t. In the end Dan had to (quite abruptly) let the driver know we weren’t cattle and to get us to our destination safely. I mean, come on, there were small children and elderly people on board!


Oh, and then a passed out drunk fisherman wee’d himself and left a puddle running underneath everyone’s feet – and our luggage. Let’s just say we won’t forget about that experience for a while.

Anyway, we were on our way to Cabo Frio, where we were meeting up with an entrepreneur Dan met online. We stayed with him and his wife for 2 nights which was nice as we got to see some parts of the city and eat at local restaurants that we wouldn’t have otherwise ventured to on our own.


Also, I couldn’t believe how white the sand and blue the water was! It almost looked as though it should have been freezing cold (which is what the name Cabo Frio sort of implies). You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video.

Our hosts then dropped us off at our next destination, Arraial do Cabo, which was about a half an hour drive along the beautiful and rugged coastline of Rio de Janeiro.

Once in Arraial do Cabo we checked in to our accommodation, Hostel Caravela, a brand new hostel right in the centre of town, and decided to go check out the beaches in the area.

Of course, they were beautiful (with especially clear water) which inspired us to jump on a boat the very next day and have some fun in the sun exploring the “Caribbean of Brazil”.

Starting at 9am, we set off from the marina and sailed our way from one exotic beach to the next, swimming, relaxing and obsessing over how clear the turquoise blue water was in between.

Take a look…

A Rio Story Travel Vlog #12 – Cruising the Caribbean of Brazil (PLEASE WATCH IN HD)

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