Who are We?

Meet the founders: Dan and Hannah

On the left you have Hannah, an Aussie girl who caught the travel bug as a youngster. She loves being by the beach and relaxing in the mountains and can usually be found sipping on tea. Hannah is passionate about writing and travelling simultaneously and aims to continuously visit unique corners of the world for inspiration, education and experience. To work with Hannah, contact her via email.


On the right you have Dan the moustached man, a travel inspired Brazilian who has been on the road since 2007. He loves eating cake in different parts of the world, wearing Thai pants and carrying his lap-top around in a teeny-tiny yellow backpack. Look out, he also aims to see every country in the world! With a background in web development and a focus on his online advertisement agency and consulting practices, Dan is a digital nomad who travels full time. To work with Dan, connect with him on Google+, LinkedIn or via email.

Together Dan and Hannah are a couple of nerds who are passionate about inspiring and helping others to travel and experience the world.

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