Travel Vlog: Escadaria Selarón Colorful Stairs in Rio de Janeiro

A Rio Story Travel Vlog #7 – An Unexpected Detour

Following on from our last travel vlog, where we took you on a little tour through the crooked buildings and tiny alleyways of a favela in Rio de Janeiro, the next day was spent trying – key word, trying – to get out of the city and across the 13 km bridge to somewhere a little more remote.


In this video I spent the whole time thinking that we were trying to get to a small village called Sana, which I thought was just over two hours away by bus. Turns out Sana was in fact over 5 hours away from where we were and wasn’t even the place we were going to – even though Dan told me at the beginning of the video that’s where we were going.

I don’t know. This was a really confusing time for me.


Anyway, in this video we were in fact on our way to a small town called Alcantara where we were meant to be staying with a friend.

But that didn’t really go to plan when the bus never turned up and we were left stranded in a creepy part of Rio de Janeiro with no phone battery.


So instead we decided to get a cab to a nearby neighbourhood and stay overnight in a hostel to rest up and charge our electronics. It wasn’t until we arrived that I realised exactly where we were.

Santa Teresa – the home of the famous Escadaria Selarón (the colorful stairs in Rio) that I’d been wanting to visit since I stumbled across a Google Image of it last year. And just by coincidence we ended up in a beautiful guesthouse with incredible views across the city, just around the corner from the popular attraction.

To add to that, we were also only a 10 minute walk down a super quirky, graffiti filled street to Lapa, the neigbourhood of Samba parties and the perfect destination to immerse in the true essence of Rio de Janeiro.

Come with us as we take you on a journey out of the favela and into one of the most ‘hip’ and cultured parts of Rio de Janeiro, Santa Teresa. Enjoy, and if you like our travel vlogs, don’t forget to spread the feels! Subscribe, like, comment, share – whatever – it all helps us to communicate our love for travel and inspire others at the same time!