Travel Cheap in These Beautiful Countries

Today, everyone loves to go, and that is an exciting venture! Every holiday or long weekend, we always have this itching feeling to bring our feet faraway. Travelling doesn’t always mean you have to spend too much, though. Luckily, there are still countries around the world that are relatively cheap to travel through.


You can not only enjoy better prices for yourself but also help local businesses and people along the way by visiting these places individually now.

Here are a few cheap countries to travel to around the world.



Travel Cheap
Meals and hotel prices are not the only ones cheap in Laos; you can also visit and pay tribute to temples for cheap prices. Photo credits to:

Mass tourism leaves Laos remarkably intact, ensuring tourists can relatively peacefully explore the emerald paddy fields, brooding jungle, and remote villages. You can’t get more authentic than a homestay in the town where visitors are welcomed to local family homes for as little as £10 to share meals and activities and sleep under the same roof.

Apart from lust-worthy scenery, Laos is a paradise for adrenaline junkies who might get lost in river caves, zip line over the mountains, or tube down the Namsong River if the fancy takes them away.



Turkey is also a home to great bazaars where you can find cheap souvenirs to bring home. Photo credits to:

History, history, and guaranteed sunshine – there’s nowhere all these can be found better than in Turkey. Istanbul’s first stand. Try the Balik Ekmek street food speciality for cheap prices, a catch-of-the-day fish sandwich for a few of your British pounds, and check out the world-famous Hagia Sophia, a Byzantine-era 1,500-year-old building used as a mosque.

Entry costs around £10.40, or you can purchase a five-day Museum Pass to save your money, which will take you to 12 places with plenty of discounts.

Hostels and pension houses are also cheap in Turkey. Prices range from £20 to £30 per night only!


Belarus will not only capture your heart with its beautiful sceneries but also with its cheap prices all around. Photo credits to:

Belarus has more than its reputation for dodgy Eurovision entries, as more tourists are discovering on costly tourist visas thanks to the recent boost. You can now fly for up to 30 days without a visa to this former Soviet republic.

A stay at the Belarus Hotel is worth it for the pool alone, priced at about £37 a night. Besides Minsk, Belarus offers castles at Mir and Nesvijk from the 16th century, picture-postcard towns, and four national parks, including the Narochansky lake district.


Experience Cambodia by visiting its temples. Photo credits to:

Cambodia is growing steadily in popularity not only with gap-year backpackers but also grown-ups who want an ‘authentic’ experience with a five-star dig reward for less than a Travel Lodge’s cost back home. Take Palm Village Resort and Spa at Siem Reap, where traditional Khmer-style houses cost a night’s B&B from £21.70.

It’s worth taking your time with the £51 three-day card with 72 temples to get around to instead of the £30 one-day pass. Read more about Cambodia’s amazing sights in our full round-up.


Destinations in Vietnam are not the only ones that are cheap; food is also the best way to enjoy cheap travel in Vietnam. Photo credits to:

Vietnam is still a cheap destination for travel. You can visit Vietnam’s National Parks for free. You can get by on £10 a day if you’re prepared to rough it, including a guest house, water, transportation, and a few beers. A pint of Vietnam’s most popular ale, Bia Hoi, cost as little as 20p.

Check out Hanoi if you’re up north, which maintains its French charm with patisseries baking croissants to match the most beautiful neighbouring Paris to authentic pho noodle soup shacks.


Travelling cheap is not impossible. These countries will not only teach you history, heritage, and culture but also how travelling can be so much fun without cutting your budget.