Follow These Safety Tips When Using Any Metro Station

The safety rules and regulations should be evident in various places around the Metro Station and on the Metro train itself. 


However, it is always a good idea to re-inform yourself and others of the policies before your trip to the Metro, even if you feel confident in your knowledge of train safety.

Here we are going to take a look at the safety tips you should follow before boarding, when boarding, and when you are on board any train at the metro station.

Follow These Safety Tips When Using Any Metro Station

Why is it Important to be Safe on the Metro?

Following the safety rules when making use of the Metro can help improve your public transport experience, as well as ensure your safety, comfort, and protection. Your actions could also assist in safeguarding other passengers, making it all the more important to educate yourself on the policies, remember them, and abide by them when using any Metro stations.

Disobeying Metro safety rules could result in severe injury, prosecution, hefty fines, or even death. For these reasons, everyone must be aware of the guidelines mentioned below.


Before You Board the Train

When you are at the station, you should always stand at least a meter from the edge of the platform until your train has come to a complete stop in front of you. There will be yellow markings on the floor that indicate where you may and may not stand, but the more distance you put between you and the tracks, the safer you will be.

When on the train platform, avoid any distractions that could hamper your attention to your surroundings, such as using a cellphone, listening to music, or reading. Being aware and present will not only allow you to recognize any dangers, but it will also enable you to recognize when there is an approaching train. 

Once your train has arrived in the station, always allow the on-board passengers to exit the cart before you board it. This will help prevent any unnecessary pushing and shoving between passengers, which is potentially dangerous around the tracks. 

It will also mean that the train cart will be less crowded once you board, which increases your chances of finding a seat (the much safer option between sitting and standing).

When Boarding the Train

When entering your train, always be mindful of the gap between the train and the platform edge. Slipping into this gap could cause serious injury, such as broken and sprained limbs. When the train is in motion, you should never lean against or stand near the train doors in the unlikely yet possible event of them opening for whatever reason.

When on Board the Train

In America, the most common cause of injury involved with trains is from passengers falling around the cart from not being secure. The risk of this can be significantly reduced by staying seated at all times when in motion or, if you are standing, by holding on to something sturdy, such as the handholds or poles in the cart.

It is always smart to have a convenient escape route planned out when in a confined space in the case of an emergency, such as a fire. For this reason, once you are settled on the train, scan your surroundings for the closest and most accessible emergency exit.

The Metro is a hotspot for various types of crimes. Report any suspicious behavior to the crew, security guards, or police if there are any near to you immediately. Avoid any suspicious-looking people as far as you possibly can. 

This could help prevent petty theft, such as pick-pocketing, as well as much more severe crimes, such as kidnapping or even, in extreme cases, terrorist attacks. 

Follow These Safety Tips When Using Any Metro Station


In summary, stand away from the tracks, avoid distractions, and only enter the train once it has emptied. Mind the gap when boarding the train and stand away from the train doors. 

Hold on to something when moving and familiarize yourself with the emergency exits. Lastly, report any suspicious activity.

With these nifty tricks, you should be able to keep yourself and your belongings safe no matter what metro station you visit. Remember – vigilance is key to your safety.