How Cool Would It Be To Have 360° Panoramic Views Captured On Camera Everywhere You Go?

To help collect imagery of hard-to-reach places, we have applied to borrow the Google Trekker to help map the world as we travel. How cool would it be?!


Don’t know what this is?

Basically, the Google Trekker is a piece of equipment with a number of cameras worn as a backpack to help collect 360-degree panoramic views of remote and unique places around the world. Take a look!

Google Trekker in Action
Google Trekker in Action

Here you can see more pictures and apply for the Trekker yourself:

This is how we explained our project when we applied:


We are a couple (Brazil/Australia) travelling Europe by van and sharing our journey with the world through blog posts, videos and photographs on these channels:

Our mission is to share valuable stories of our own and those of people we meet along the way with todays society.

Why StoryV? When we were in the original process of starting this project we really liked the idea of StoryVista as we wanted to express different views around the world through story. With vista meaning view in Portuguese, we thought it was the perfect fit. Eventually, some other words relating to our project came in to play and sure enough, they all began with V. Some words we came up with: vision, value, voice, voyage, venture, vagabond, variety, video and virtual.

We want to become a part of this Google Street View Trekker Project because we aim to create optimised value as we view the world. With the ambition and vitality to explore and see as much as we can on our journey we are ready to take it to the next level and enhance people’s lives. We are also very used to backpacking and for safe transportation we have space for all the equipment in our van!

We are currently in the UK, here are some places we’ve explored:

This month we are moving on over to Europe mainland where we will begin driving through France, then on to Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, among others, depending on the time spent in each country and our visa requirements.

Because we are travelling by van we are able to go to remote places and areas other contributors have never been. Having no set plan means we can discuss and arrange our routes together as we go.

We feel it is important to mention we have two bicycles to take routes more efficiently when necessary as well as making our journey and partnership more sustainable.

Please see Dan’s personal blog in Portuguese about digital nomad life: The logo is a tribute to Google which has helped him to become a full-time traveller while making money with the Adsense program.

We will keep you updated if we are approved for the Google Street View Trekker Project! Let us know what you think in the comments section below, especially if you have applied or thought about doing it. Feel free to paste your project description as well to help inspire others to get on board!