3 Tips On How To Save Money On Food While Travelling

A quick insight into how you can travel more by saving on your food whilst still consuming a healthy diet. Read my 3 tips:


Buy food from supermarket

Even when you’re travelling by car/van on the motorway in the UK, it is really easy to find a supermarket nearby, either in a motorway service centre or a town along the way. You can find cheap deals on anything from salad to already cooked meat. Yes, it’s tempting to go for a burger or a coffee shop cake but when trying to be more aware of expenditures and more importantly, health, a wise decision is to visit a supermarket or local store. There, you have more options and you can buy food to last more meals.

Don’t go to the supermarket hungry!

We’ve done it and walked out with a big bill. Don’t let your stomach do the shopping because you’ll end up purchasing much more than you can eat and it will probably go off, wasting money. Have your lunch and then go grocery shopping for the night’s dinner. If you can, buy food that last’s outside of the fridge, like fruits, vegetables, bread and spreads as you can save yourself a trip to the supermarket the next day.


The power of asking

While living in Berlin for a month the bakery next door would kindly give lot’s of good bread and pastries away in the hostel I was staying in. So, when it’s closing time or early in the morning, even before opening, take a trip to your nearest bakery and ask if they have any leftovers. Even if they don’t have anything to give away, they may be able to give you a discount. It happened to me yesterday when I ordered a baguette at closing time from the sandwich shop at Moto-services. Also, look out or ask for reduced items that may be coming up to their use by date or damaged (eg. cracked pavlova base) usually at the front of the supermarket. Just because it may not look appealing, it doesn’t mean that it’s not good.