Learn to Play the Harp with These Apps

The harp can create beautiful melodies that are soothing to the heart. Used to accompany poetry in the ancient world, it is a musical instrument of antiquity that has survived the test of time and has been adapted to modern technology.


The harp is a stringed instrument with strings running at an angle from its soundboard and is played by plucking the strings with your fingers. It has been played in Asia, Africa, and Europe since 3500 BC and grew in popularity during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period.

Earlier we would have to search for a music teacher or join a music school to learn the harp, but now luckily for us, there are many apps that teach us to play the harp. Read on to learn about apps that will help you learn to play the harp.

Learn to Play the Harp with These Apps

Harp Lessons

The Harp Lessons app is free to download on Google Play Store for Android. The lessons available on the app are easy to follow and a great way to get started with learning the harp. Listed below are some features of the app.

Interactive Video Lessons

The app can be used by adults as well as children. The tutorials are presented in well-crafted and detailed videos, which make learning fun and interactive. More so, learning from videos can be so much easier than plain articles and voice-overs.


Lessons for All Levels

This app has lessons for harp players with all levels of expertise. You can start learning to play the harp from scratch with their beginner lessons and take it from there. 

There are tutorials also available for intermediate and advanced level players. So if you are a seasoned harp player you can use the Harp Lessons app to practice and learn new melodies.

Listen to Classical Harp Music

Another amazing feature that comes along with the app is the classical radio where you can listen to beautiful harp melodies from ancient and renaissance times. While learning you can also sharpen your senses to the various notes of the harp and enjoy listening to music

Learn to Play the Harp

Learn to play the harp is another great app that you can explore to take lessons in playing the harp. This free app can be downloaded from Google Play store for Android. Read on to learn more about this app through the features we have listed below.

Learn to Play Different Types of Harps

By using this app you can learn to play different types of harps and see which type you like the most and pursue the same. The types of harps taught on this app include the classical harp and the Celtic harp, amongst others.

Easy to Read Sheet Music

On the app, you can gain access to sheet music of your favorite songs and learn to play your favorite tunes. The search engine on the app allows you to search from their library a variety of songs and choose the ones you’d like to learn first.

Lessons For Beginners to Advanced Students

Learn to Play the Harp with These Apps

Lessons are available for all levels whether you are a beginner or a player at an advanced level, this app can come in handy with playing the harp. Also, you can start with basic classes and then move on to more advanced lessons.

The Bottom Line

By downloading these apps you can get started on the musical journey of learning to play the harp and soon you’ll be on your way to being an expert! Make sure to consider the information in this article, and if you are interested in these apps, then go ahead and download them!